Projects let you keep track of your settings so that you can modify or regenerate your dataset. These projects will persist in your browser through local storage, allowing you to easily save and retrieve your work or switch between multiple projects.


Templates are a number of pre-built projects that can be used as examples datasets for reference or to be extended and modified for your own use. To use a template, simply select one from the drop-down at the initial DataBake screen or after selecting a new project. From there you can proceed as you would for a regular project.

Some examples of the kinds of relationships in these example projects can be found on the main site in the graphs gallery.


On the project page there is the option to configure the tables of your dataset. Currently DataBake only supports a single flat table as the intention is to add the ability to generate relational data in a future version.

By default the table will take the name of the project, but it can be changed as the table name will be used to name the output file during the Export process. Once you have your table you can continue by adding Columns.